Five - The Investigator

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The Five's focus centers around wisdom. Fives value wisdom and aim to gather as much of it as they can, so naturally they will sit back and observe a situation rather than participating in it. A Five will find it easy to categorize their life and separate events and people from one another in their mind. Fives value the serenity of privacy and can truly be themselves when alone. Fives can be hyperaware of their surroundings, taking everything around them in. However, as they take all the information in from the world around them, a Five will have trouble sharing what they know, feel and think. A Five believes they are separate from the rest of the population, as they have learned to isolate themselves in order to survive. Five's view the world as intrusive, demanding and as if it was trying to squeeze the life out of them. A Five tends to move away from spontaneous situations and rather they have a need to know all the social rules of a game if they are going to participate. Fives are intelligent, perceptive, good listeners who aim to look at the whole picture.


Fives are naturally intellectual. Fives have a tendency to analyze and then synthesize all their information. Just don't ask a Five to elaborate, as their synthesis will be in as few words as possible. A Five values silence and uses it to better understand the world, the people around them, as well as themselves. Fives are fiercely independent and don't need to follow the pack. Fives aren't easily fooled and will do their research to make a good opinion. Fives use categorizations to search for meaning and purpose. Five's tend to take an interest in the issues that others tend to overlook. Fives can appear to be ahead of their time in certain situations as they may bring up points that others would ignore. Fives make good Advisors, Software Designers, Researchers, and Teachers.


All of a Fives difficulties is centered around fear. Fives have a difficulty with confrontation. Since Fives view the world as intrusive, they will retreat at the sign of confrontation as it will bring them safety. When pushed against, a Five can become angry and display it through cold, bitter remarks that are intended to push others as far away as possible. Fives believe that it is better not to be seen or heard, as they will walk away harmless if no one detects them. Most Fives are inclined to be passive aggressive. Fives will try to gain control in a situation by displaying withdrawal and refusal. Fives also struggle with displaying their feelings. They will move away from affection out of fear of being too needy. A Five thinks they must be independent to prove that they are not dependent on others. Fives have a fear of being engulfed yet have trouble saying no or pushing back and so they withdraw. Fives can view the world as non-negotiable as they can trick their mind into believing they fall out of the populous the that rules don't apply to them, which only feeds their independence. Fives tend to see suggestions or options as direct demands and then believe they can't ask for help. It can be very difficult for a five to be assertive as that will attract attention and then they won't be invisible any longer. The Five will hold onto any misperceptions that they have created in their mind and come across as stingy. Fives can hoard onto all their information and feelings, giving only to whom they deem appropriate. The more and more that a Five will look for wisdom, the less likely it is that they will share that wisdom. Fives can make it difficult for people to empathize with them when they don't share their feelings. This only enables others to project their own interpretations onto them, which leads to Fives feeling misunderstood only to recede and think they are surrounded by idiots. At their unhealthiest a five can look themselves in their mind, immobile they lose touch with reality.

Key Motivators

A Five is motivated by wisdom and attain to reach a higher knowing in life. Fives value the silence of privacy as it enables them to get in touch with the world.

Famous Examples

Isaac Newton, John Lennon, Stephen Hawking, Emily Dickinson, Clint Eastwood, Charles Darwin, Robert Redford, Trent Reznor, Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain, Howard Hughes

Typical Things Spoken by a Five

"I'd rather know what I'm getting into before I commit"

"Knowledge is power"

"I can't rely on others"

"What do you mean you don't understand?"

"I am never less alone than when by myself"