Four - The Individualist


Type four is the bohemian of the enneagram world. They are artistic, creative and internally focused. They value understanding and being understood. They love romanticism and frequently lead dramatic lives. Their preferred style of dress is dramatic costume, frequently in black. Fours populate the arts ( see famous examples ).They can access their inner life in a remarkable way and convert that emotional turmoil into creativity. Fours are searching for their own authenticity and truth. They do so by sifting through the myriad emotional experiences they have each day. Our world would be less interesting, less artistic and less colorful without fours.


Fours have access to emotional depths, albeit at a price, that other types cannot reach. This inward focus results in amazing insights and creative out bursts in arts music, literature or acting. The fours world is going to be filled with color and texture. It has been said that all beautiful things were created by fours. Perhaps an overstatement, but creative gifts are certainly their strengths.


Fours can be lost in the constant river of emotional excesses. They can be overwhelmed with melancholy. In their belief in their own uniqueness and suffering, they can make it hard for others to relate to them. In addition, longing and envy are a constant part of the four's world. They are always comparing their own gifts/talents and find themselves lacking. Since they feel they are constantly in need , they envy others. Four's over dramatization often causes them to miss the small wonders of life that are available in the mundane. In the less than average health four, the emotional roller coaster, the push/pull style of interacting with others, and the constant longing are challenges to those of us with four friends.

Key Motivators

Fours are seeking understanding. They want to be unique and separate from "others" while still desiring relationships. Fours are motivated by a quest for truth and authenticity. Fours seek the distinctive, elegant and even grandiose. They are motivated to avoid the mediocre or common.

Famous examples

Tennessee Williams

Judy Garland


Ann Rice

Johnny Depp

Typical Things Said by a four

No one understands me

I've got to be me

Creativity can solve almost any problem