Seven - The Enthusiast


The Seven approaches life through the joyful perspective. Sevens are highly enthusiastic, optimistic, playful, practical individuals. Sevens are very curious about life and all the joys that it brings. However, Sevens can have a hard time concentrating. Sevens can become so surrounded by joyful opportunities that they can have trouble applying their talents. Sevens can also become impatient and act on their impulses, yet when they focus their talents they can become satisfied and bring a grand spark of life to situations.


A Sevens greatest strength is their optimism and ability to bring fun and joy in the life's of the people around them. Sevens are naturally quick learners, which enables them to multi-task all their wide range of interests. Sevens have a tendency to absorb information as well as an ability to learn new skills. Sevens are very outgoing in their effort to pursue their joyful desires.


Sevens can have trouble concentration on completing tasks. Since Sevens are concerned that they are missing out from a joyful experience out in the world, they may not be able to concentrate at what is at hand. Sevens do not do good when somebody tells them no. Sevens can be selective with what authority they follow, in relation to how if effects their happiness. Sevens can also display gluttonous actions. Since they are motivated by joy and happiness, they can overindulge in anything that can bring them happiness in an effort to avoid pain and loss. This can be anything from unhealthy eating habits, excessive drug and alcohol use, to unhealthy sexual relationships.

Key Motivators

The key motivator for a Seven is finding opportunities that are joyous and do not lack energy. Nothing will deter a Seven quicker than a dull situation. Sevens also strive to maintain their freedom as they believe it leads directly to their happiness.

Famous Examples

Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Jim Carey, Mozart, Malcolm Forbes

Typical Things Spoken by a Seven

"Don't Worry Be Happy"

"If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade"

"When Eating Oysters, I Expect to Find a Pearl to Pay for the Meal"