Six - The Loyalist

enneagram sixGeneral

The Six is focused around loyalty. Sixes value commitment, fidelity, faith and responsibility. A Six will not hesitate to go down with the ship, as they believe it is their duty. Sixes are very conscientious of their actions and how it may affect others. They want to uphold their duties to others around them. In a healthy state Sixes are obedient up keepers of authority. In an unhealthy state a Six can see themselves in opposition of authority. The Six will base their actions around fear, either retreating away from their hostile environment or acting out aggressively when threatened. Sixes tend to give in to outer-authorities rather than their own inner-authority. However, Sixes do quite will in times of emergency because they are vigilant beings who are constantly preparing for the next danger ahead. A Six will scan their surroundings, so they know where all the dangers around them lie. Sixes are loyal, conscientious, responsible people who will see to it that their word is kept.


You will also be able to rely on a Six and this is what the Six will value more than anything else. Sixes thrive around the virtue of doing the world good. They look to bring faith into their lives as well as those they love. A Sixes faith can lead them straight into courage where they learn to overcome their fears and doubts. Sixes value safety and will abide the law in the effort of preserving safety. Valuing community a Six will strive to make their community all that it can be.


Sixes struggle with fear. Fear can overwhelm a Six. With fear on their minds, a Six will constantly look for any danger around them. This will cause a Six to be either phobic or counter-phobic. The phobic Six will act compulsively, letting their fear overtake them and their actions. The counter-phobic Six will act out aggressively believing that the world is out to harm them. Fear will propel a Six towards anxiety. Sixes believe that others view their fears as humiliating and act out to rid themselves of their fears. Sixes have trouble with ambiguity would rather be told what to do. A counter-phobic Six can challenge authority and are often found in anti-establishment groups. The counter-phobic Six will then be more loyal to their cause in the same way a phobic Six will defend that same establishment. Through this mentality Sixes can distort their view of the law. Sixes will push their ego into the world in fear that they don't have enough to confront and deal with the world when counter-phobic. The phobic Six will become nervous and caution themselves to stand back to avoid injury.

Key Motivators

A Six is motivated by loyalty and safety. The Six will do what it takes to up keep their relationships with the people they trust and are loyal to. The Six also values safety as it is their core principle. If a Six feels unsafe they can then lean towards unhealthy behavior.

Famous Examples

John F. Kennedy, Woody Allen, Tom Hanks, Princess Diana, Mel Gibson, Jack Lemmon, Jon Stewart, Michael Moore, Richard Nixon, Bruce Springsteen, Ellen DeGeneres

Typical Things Spoken by a Six

"Know that I'll trust you and back you up"

"The world is out to get me"

"I'm just a normal pencil-pushing citizen."

"When I can trust, I am able to relax"